Friday, 10 June 2011

Document Management Benefit: Seamless Integration

Can I integrate my existing systems with an OnDemand document management system?

It is a fact that for applications to work for us there needs to be a crosspollination of data from disparate systems such as ERP, CRM and HR to name but a few. Any document management system that does not integrate seamlessly and at an affordable cost is dead in the water, and that includes OnDemand solutions.

True cloud applications have been built from the ground up with the objective of lowering the cost, reducing the time and mitigating the risk of integrating with existing applications whether they are on-premise or OnDemand. As a result an OnDemand application provider will be able to share the burden of integration because the infrastructure and the tools already exist.

What are the benefits? Firstly it adds value to existing systems, it reduces cost and aids efficiency in processing orders and and other business related enquiries. It also means that customers have control of their data and that in turn will give them a competitive edge.

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